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Production of rooted
and grafted vines
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    Piante madri portinnesto





Our farm is situated in the heart of Salento. Not only is Salento an area characterised by its beautiful historical and artistic locations, an important agricultural is undertaken here: the cultivation of grape vines from root cuttings (le barbatelle).

The father of the Bortone family - Cesarino Bortone - has handed down his knowledge and experience so that the tradition goes on. With the support of new technology, our farm cultivates wild root cuttings, to produce a high quality product. All our agricultural products are checked and controlled according to CEE regulations.

Nowadays the farm is managed by Cesarino Bortone's children: Francesca and Dino.

By establishing this website we hope to provide an easy and direct opportunity to contact us so that we can best meet our customers' needs. We are also able to provide a home delivery service (subject to the application of certain terms).




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